The F-Series Gearup Challenge | Cost $20,000

April 26th-27th

Charlotte, North Carolina

July 19th-21st

New York, New York

August 16th – 17th

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

September 20th-21st

Millville, New Jersey

Northwest Region 6 Gold Cup | Cost $8,000

April 12th-14th

Richland, Washington

June 14th-16th

McMinnville, Oregon

July 12th-14th

Chilliwack, B.C.

August 2nd-4th

Sumas, Washington

September 1-3

Horn Rapids Kart Track, Richland, WA

SIMA Summer Series Club Races 2017

*SIMA Winter Series to follow-dates TBA

May 4th
June 8th
June 29th
August 3rd-4th
September 8th
October 5th

All races @ SIMA International Raceway, Sumas, WA

Total: $2,000*